Bend is in the midst of a housing crisis, with rental vacancies at something like 1% as of 2016.

We believe that Bend should be a city where vital, hard-working members of our community like firefighters and teachers should be able to afford to live.

The way to keep Bend affordable is to add more housing: Yes In My Back Yard!

This can take several forms:

  • Building out via an expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary.  This is currently under way.
  • Growing up by building taller buildings in places.  There is no need for skyscrapers in Bend – more 2/3/4 story buildings are more than enough.
  • Filling in existing space.  Most of us here enjoy the nature in the area, both to the west and east of town – let’s use the existing spaces we have before we pave over more.

Bend is large enough to have a variety of housing styles to suit many people’s needs.  We believe a free market is the best way to decide how much of what kind of housing to build where.

Bend does not exist in a vacuum: other places like the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland and Seattle also need to “legalize cities” and allow housing to be built.