Fixing Bend’s housing crisis

Welcome to Bend YIMBY, a group dedicated to fixing Bend’s housing crisis.

The problem:

  • There is a rental vacancy rate near 1% – even if you have the money, a good job and good references, it can be tough to find a place to live.
  • The prices are going up to the point where people like teachers, police and firefighters are getting priced out.

Here are some topics we’ll be covering:

If you’d like to learn more and talk with others interested in Bend’s housing crisis, we have a Facebook group:

2 thoughts on “Fixing Bend’s housing crisis”

  1. Well done and timely! I like diversity, and appreciate a look at your thoughts on where do elderly go when the prices soar?


    1. Part of Bend’s problem is that Bend *is* where they come when prices soar – in California! This is actually an opportunity for Bend in many ways, as these people bring talent, knowledge and money that could be invested locally. The real problem is that we as a country are not building enough housing in desirable places, with ground zero being the California bay area. Bend is affected by this as well, though, and needs more market-rate housing to contain prices so as to not become another San Francisco or Boulder.


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