Support more affordable homes in Bend

In 2019, Oregon passed a law to re-legalize certain types of more affordable housing throughout our cities: 2, 3 and 4-plexes, and cottage clusters. These are the kinds of less expensive homes that we desperately need in the midst of a rapidly worsening housing crisis.

But wealthy homeowners here in Bend are fighting to water it down, delay it, and stop homes from being built!

This bill had bipartisan support, including votes in favor from Republicans Cheri Helt, our state representative in Bend at the time, and Tim Knopp, our state Senator. It was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown that summer, two years ago.

After the bill became law, Bend put together a “stakeholder group” representing various interests to hammer out the implementation for our city. The results are a compromise between different points of view, and one worth moving forward with, rather than drawing everything out endlessly with “public comments” from people unfamiliar with the details of the new law and what it requires the city of Bend to do.

There was plenty of time to comment on the legislation – our YIMBY group met with Rep. Helt at the beginning of 2019! Bend’s stakeholder group has been working for months, and there has been ample opportunity to comment or discuss what they’ve been drafting.

Every day we delay making it possible to add a diversity of homes is a day closer to pushing more people out of Bend, away from friends and family. Please consider:

  1. Writing Bend’s planning commission today (they’re meeting to discuss this June 14th), asking them to approve the HB 2001 code changes without delay: (use our ready-made letter here: )
  2. Write Bend’s City Council: – ask them to implement the HB 2001 code changes without delay.
  3. Sign this petition:
  4. Share with your friends!

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